Scottish Beauty Show 2014, 
RHC Edinburgh, 23rd & 24th March

ImageWe are thrilled to announce that Look Fabulous 2 are exhibiting at the Scottish Beauty Show on Sunday 23rd & Monday 24th March 2014.

Find us on stand D48 where we will have 6 LF2 vibration plates ready for you to try FOR FREE.

You will be able to do a full 10 minute session on one of the vibro plates, whilst also having one of our experienced members of the team explaining to you how YOU CAN EARN MONEY in your commercial salon.

Our LF2 team have extensive knowledge in whole body vibration (WBV) and we will explain  how you can make the most out of the LF2 vibration plate in your tanning, nail, hair, or beauty salon, from our own experience in the tanning industry.

We are so confident in the success of the LF2 that we are offering to all commercial salon owners a FREE 60 day trial, where you will benefit from having an LF2 vibration plate in your salon for 60 days, FREE OF CHARGE. Even better, you will keep all money the trial makes.

We will also deliver and install the plate for free, and train all your staff on how to put customers on the plate correctly so they gain the best results.

How does it work? The LF2 works just like a FLABeLOS by using WBV whereby the plate pivots up and down in a seesaw movement at varying speeds throughout the programme, whilst your body tries to naturally stabilise itself your muscles start to contract to keep you upright, which in turn helps you to tone up and lose inches.

Some of the health and fitness benefits your customers will gain from using the LF2 are, inch loss, weight loss, burns fat, improves blood circulation, minimise lower back pain, anti ageing, increase mobility, improvement of varicose veins, and much more.

The LF2 has become a great success in commercial salons with most businesses very quickly realising the potential of having more than one plate, due to high customer demand.

We give a unique pricing and marketing structure for the salon to use, which we know through experience, will entice customers into your salon, and therefore will increase your foot flow and your profits. Most of our commercial customers report that they book around 20 courses per month, per plate, and therefore approximately 30% of Salons purchase more than one machine.

We look forward to seeing you at the show, and helping you with any enquiries you may have. Just visit to gain a free ticket into the show. If you’re not able to attend then please visit our website on to find out more information.Image

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