Egyptian Gold & Dietary Formula at The Scottish Beauty Show 2014.


We will also be taking along to the show our other fantastic products, which include the Egyptian Gold facial range and our Look Fabulous dietary capsule, an advanced dietary formula.

Both products can be purchased at the show at trade price.

The Look Fabulous dietary capsules combined with healthy eating and moderate exercise could be what your customers are looking for to rid those stubborn pounds and using alongside the LF2 vibration plate will also help your customer to tone up and lose weight quicker. With benefits such as, suppressing the appetite, having more energy, and preventing calories being stored in the body as fat.

The Egyptian Gold range includes a daily serum and silk facial mask, which are both very hydrating and have been designed by people who make the facial masks for burns victims. This means that the Egyptian Gold products are enhanced with all the goodies that todays skin conscious customers expect in a quality product. The ingredients include Hyroluronic Acid which is a must for any anti ageing product.

Get these products at a fantastic price at the show.

We look forward to seeing you at the show, and helping you with any enquiries you may have. Just visit to gain a free ticket into the show. If you’re not able to attend then please visit our website on to find out more information.


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