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Look Fabulous 2 Awards Ceremony May 2014

Seeing as though the Cannes Film Festival is coming up in May, we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon by creating our very own awards ceremony for all our customers.

We have 4 awards up for grabs:

1. Funniest video/picture

2. Cutest video/picture

3. Greatest inch/weight loss

4. Most unique customer

……. and it’s so easy for you to enter.

All you have to do is upload either an image or video, whichever one you prefer and email them over to We will post the best ones to our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and our website, where the winner will be chosen via popularity i.e. ‘Likes’ ‘ReTweets’ ‘Shares’ etc.

The winner for each category will be announced on our website and published on Facebook and Twitter.

The winner will win a FREE 12 week rental of the LF2 vibration plate at home!

The award for greatest inch/weight loss we ask that they show us before and after images/videos proving how much they have lost. This can be done with either a tape measure or images of you wearing the same clothes before and after showing the difference in dress size.

This competition is open to new and existing customers, so if you already have an LF2 at home please make sure you enter with your funny pictures, results etc and be in for a chance of winning a 12 week extension.

If you think you could be up for this and be in for the chance of winning a 12 week rental at home then get your imaginative head on and get those funny pictures and videos uploaded! We can’t wait to see what some of you have to show us!!




T&C’s – All images and videos must clearly show the LF2 vibration plate. Only available to enter if a resident of mainland UK.



So this weekend we’ve sent out our first ever Fab Mail!

“What’s Fab Mail?”

Well, if you register to Fab Mail which you can find on our website by scrolling to the bottom of the page and signing up via Mail Chimp. You will receive monthly emails with exclusive special offers, and competitions. You can also help us to get those ‘likes’ and followers on Facebook /LookFabulous2 and Twitter @LookFab2.

If you recommend anyone to sign up to Fab Mail then you will receive a 10% discount off your next 8 or 12 week rental.

So come everyone, let’s get wobbling, recommending, and losing inches!

Keep posted for information on our AWARDS CEREMONY taking place at the end of the month.Image

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