Birmingham Beauty UK Show May 2014.

We had a great time at the Birmingham show this weekend. Spoke to some lovely business owners who are very interested in the LF2 vibration plate to increase their profits and foot flow for their businesses. 

The LF2 vibration plate is a great way of creating new customers, especially if it’s a new salon, it’s a brilliant way to entice new customers by introducing new ideas like the LF2! 

We can’t wait for feedback from the owners once the LF2 has been installed into their businesses, to see how they’re getting on.

As well as salon owners we also had a different array of people interested in the LF2! All of which enjoyed their free go on the machine for a full 10 minutes session.

All lovely people and they even let us take pictures of them whilst using the LF2! They were all great sports and we had a brilliant time meeting them all!

Hope you enjoy the pictures below, and if you see yourself make sure to let us know and ‘Like’ it on  our Facebook page, or ‘Retweet’ it on our Twitter page. (Links can be found below).


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