Remember To Refer A Friend

Just a small Blog for you all to have a read of on a Friday…

Just a reminder for all our wonderful customers who currently have an LF2 vibration plate at home.

When we install the plate at your home, we leave you with a few documents and also our refer a friend leaflets! Hopefully these are kept and aren’t put to one side during the excitement of using the LF2!!

The leaflets we leave are called ‘Refer A Friend’ leaflets, we supply 5 of these, each with your name written on them. Make sure to hand these leaflets out to all your friends and family who you may think are interested in hiring a machine. If this leaflet is handed back to an engineer when he’s delivering a plate to your friend or family member then you will receive £5 cash back as a thank you from us!

It’s an easy way to make up to £25! And a great way to get all your friends and family toning up! The leaflets also provide all the information they could need regarding hiring a machine, including prices and deposit information.

If you’re thinking of hiring an LF2 then here’s another reason to do so!!


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