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We don’t just rent FLABeLOS but we repair too.

Do you have a tired, old looking FLABeLOS machine which needs some TLC?

Then look no further!

We repair all FLABeLOS machines, just give us a call, tell us what it’s doing wrong or what needs looking at and we will come out to you ASAP! We won’t have you waiting any longer than 2 weeks!

We supply all FLABeLOS parts to get your machine on it’s way again, we provide to any customer, whether you’ve got one at home, or it’s in a business.

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Contact us on 0161 344 0726 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, where you can speak to one of our engineers to help diagnose any faults.

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Introduce a LookFab2 vibration plate into your business & see profits increase!

The LookFab2 isn’t just for people using at home, it’s a great earner to add to an existing or new salon or business.

The LF2 is a perfect way to introduce something new and a bit different, to entice new customers, which in turn increases foot flow and profits. Advertise correctly, with all our marketing, and watch customers fly in to try the LF2. There’s no doubt they’ll come back to book a course once they’ve experienced the LF2 for 10 minutes.

We provide a full commercial marketing package, extensive knowledge in vibration plate training, and an amazing 12 month warranty, where we will swap the LF2 if anything mechanically fails. It is very rare we have to swap any plates as they are built to with stand commercial usage.

We have 4 payment options to choose from including the fantastic trial option! Literally trial the LF2 vibration plate in your business, you will receive the LF2 vibration plate, full training, and marketing package all for free, for 60 days! We then ask you to make a decision, If it’s not for you then simply hand it back or if it’s the best thing you could’ve done then you just have to choose which payment option you’d like to go ahead with. Simple as that!



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Be Careful What You Buy! Cheap Vs Quality Vibration Plates

Be careful...

When you’re buying a vibration plate or power plate, please be careful when you’re choosing which one to buy! Most power plates or vibration plates, which can be found in gyms etc don’t do what the LF2 and FLABeLOS vibration plates do! The LF2 and FLABeLOS machines work with an up and down motion, a little bit like standing on a see saw, this up and down see saw vibration works at such an intensity that the brain thinks you are un balanced and so it sends a message to your muscles, telling them to contract to keep you balanced. This intense contracting of muscles causes them to tone up! Giving you the results you want!

Vibration plates which you can get on the market for a couple of hundred pounds, from places such as Argos and eBay don’t have this kind of movement or programme built in, like the FLABeLOS and LF2 do. This is the reason these cheaper machines are so cheap, you have to work with these machines, by exercising regularly on them, and there isn’t a set frequency or time limit. The LF2 and FLABeLOS have a set 10 minute programme which is designed to help you tone up and drop inches within just 3 weeks…By just standing on it! You don’t need to exercise, if you prefer to exercise and get a cardio work out then you can do this on the LF2 and FLABeLOS, by using a different programme set at a higher frequency. Therefore it works for both the ‘lazy’ slimmer and the ‘hardcore’ slimmer!

The only advise we can give is to please make sure you do your research prior to purchasing a cheaper machine, do they provide a warranty? If it breaks where can you get new parts from? Are there any side effects? Has anyone got proven results from using it?

To have a look at our LF2 machine please visit where you can find details for home rental, business rental and purchasing.

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Now The Easter Eggs Have Been Eaten, Time To Tone Up!!

Have you eaten too much this Easter bank holiday? We know how you feel….Us here at Look Fabulous 2 have all done the same! However, we’re all back on it, and toning up in time for our Summer holidays!

If you’re too busy to get to the salon, with the kids being off school, to use the LF2 vibration plate, no need to panic, you can hire one at home and still have time to do things with the kids! Remember it’s only a 10 minute session, so whilst the children are having their breakfast or gone down for a quick nap, then you can jump on the LF2 and get your 1 hour gym workout in just 10 minutes!

We understand how hard it is when the children are off school, but you can still watch what they’re doing by using the LF2. Make sure you have it installed somewhere that you’ll always use it, and not hidden away. Somewhere like the living room, dining room, bedroom so that when the children are playing you can be with them!

It’s so easy to hire one at home too, give 0161 344 0726 a call between Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and speak to one of the ladies in the office, where they will take all your details for delivery. We ask for a £25 refundable deposit to cover the booking, installation and collection. We then ask you to choose a rental option of either 4*,8*, or 12 weeks, once you have decided on a rental term we will deliver the LF2 vibration plate, completely free of charge, on a convenient delivery date, one of our experienced engineers will go through the process of how to use the LF2 correctly, to gain the best results. We will ask you to pay for the rental on the delivery date, once this is done…THAT’S IT! No hidden extras…Everything is included in the price, we don’t hound you for any more money, or bombard you with phone calls, we leave you with the LF2 for your rental term, and after it’s over we will come and collect it from, unless you can’t let go and decide to keep it 😉

‘So, what’s the catch?’ There is no catch! So what’s stopping you?

CALL US ON 0161 344 0726.

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