Wondering Where WBV Came From… Have A Look At This.

The history of WBV usually begins with references to its use in the Russian space program. It had been observed that cosmonauts (as well as our astronauts) tended to lose bone density and muscular strength during their mostly zero-gravity space missions. Russian scientist and former gymnast Vladimir Nazarov adopted the idea of vibrational training, using it to strengthen Russian cosmonauts during space flights.treadmill_sm

Vibration therapy was first introduced in the 1860s by Swedish physician Gustav Zander, who pioneered many mechanical exercise devices. His Zander Institutes were an early version of today’s health clubs. In 1895, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg— a health enthusiast invented a whole body vibration machine, initially configured as a chair. A standing version was brought out later.

Returning to Nazarov, he discovered that not only did WBV stop the loss of bone density, it actually increased bone density, and strengthened muscle tissue, as well. Soon after, WBV was employed as a training aid for elite athletes. He spoke of a substantial increase in flexibility and strength after the application of vibrations in the athletes he studied.

In 1999, Dutch Olympic trainer Guus van der Meer would bring this technology to the health and fitness industry. Within a short time, testimonials for his machine started to appear, from celebrities, rehabilitation centers, and famous athletes. Typically, the machines offer a selection of vibration frequencies—as high as 60 Hz.olympic-track-athlete-runner-race-10001901

Golinsky is a natural bodybuilder, and believes that WBV has improved his strength, and has jump-started his workouts. His office is one of the few chiropractic centers to have WBV equipment, and his patients really seem to like it. Only a few minutes are needed to experience WBV.boost-testosterone


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