How Vibration Plates Are Proven To Benefit Runners By Keeping Muscles & Joints In Peak Form.

Runners are well known for not wanting to spend time on gym-based strength work, core stability exercises and stretching, preferring instead to “just run.” Runners are also notorious for getting injured. Running-specific exercises and functional flexibility are suggested to keep muscles and joints in peak running form.olympic-track-athlete-runner-race-10001901

Runners will be pleased to hear the secret to avoiding injury and recovering quickly between runs doesn’t lie in spending hours lifting weights or lying on gym mats easing out every muscle. Just 10 minutes, two or three times a week, on whole body vibration equipment will do the trick.

The science behind whole body vibration:

Whole body vibration training speeds up recovery and regeneration, and a few specific exercises performed on the vibrating platform of vibration plates can work wonders. This is due to the rapid, harmonic vibration of the vibration plate platform which facilitates a number of positive responses within the body including increased blood flow and circulation.OTO FLABeLOS

When targeted exercises are performed on the vibration plate, there is a rapid increase in blood flow and nutrient supply to the key muscles and connective tissue involved in running.

In addition to enhancing flexibility and range of movement, vibration plates, such as FLABeLOS and LF2 have been scientifically shown to provide active recovery by stimulating a circulatory response that removes the metabolic by-products of exercise, drives more oxygen into the muscle tissues and aids lymphatic drainage.

You can read how the Look Fab 2 works here. Which goes into detail how the muscles contract and what causes the toning of the body and helps with the easing of tense muscles and joints.

The LF2 & FLABeLOS vibration plate can help runners ranging from speed-focused 5K runners to steadily-paced marathoners, runners are prime candidates for stiff muscles and sore joints. We have exercises and stretches focused on the key muscles and joint problems related to running, particularly the foot and ankle, hips and upper back. These movements can be performed on the ground but will be significantly enhanced when performed on a vibrating plate. Each exercise has been selected to quickly and efficiently condition and prepare the body to cope effectively with the demands of running, enhance performance and reduce injury risk.

You can find these exercises by downloading our Look Fab 2 App 


Exercises such as this can be found on the LF2 App which is perfect for runners, working the inner thighs, and stretching the hamstrings.

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