How The LF2 Helps & What You Can Do To Increase Muscle Strength & Flexibility.

Whole body vibration (WBV) has been known to help with strengthening of muscles and increase in flexibility. How this works is the LF2 vibration plate pivots up and down in a seesaw motion at specifically programmed speeds. As your body tries to naturally stabilise itself, your muscles contract in order to keep you upright. It is this intensity and frequency of movement that causes the muscles to contract rapidly and strengthen muscle tone. 

Using the LF2 for 10 minutes is the equivalent of 30-60 minutes of weight lifting!! Standing on the LF2, every cell in your body vibrates at the same speed the plate is vibrating which is around 20-50 times a second. Whereas during regular exercise your muscles only contract 1-2 time a second. Around 90% of muscle fibres involuntarily tense and relax at this speed, (unlike the 40% of fibres during normal exercise) which creates an intense workout and develops more muscle tissue without you actually having to move at all. As a lot of people say “it sounds too good to be true” but extensive research supports these claims, and anyone who has used the LF2 can tell you, it can be hard work! Even though you may feel like you’re just stood there, the amount of work your muscles are doing in turn increases muscles strength and in only 10 minutes! Ask anyone who has used an LF2 vibration plate they will tell you at first the feelings you will experience are none like you’ve experienced before. People may suffer with a stitch at first, however this will gradually ease off. This automatically proves the LF2 is working!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 12.47.44

Sit Up Exercise for the LF2.

Many different positions have been developed to target different muscle groups. These targeted exercises involve getting into a position on the plate and the vibration multiplies the work done by your muscles dramatically. Holding a sit-up position for one minute on the LF2, as shown in the image, for example, feels like you’ve done 40 sit-ups in one minute.

According to Dr. DeOrio, “studies have shown that a mere 12 minutes of training on a WBV plate is equal to a 1.5-hour workout with weights. And since it’s accomplished with little amount of stress to your joints, tendons and ligaments, it can be a very good therapy regimen if you’ve suffered injuries, if you’re elderly, or have disease conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis which would normally limit your fitness program.”

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